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Top 5 States for Real Estate Investment in 2022

New Orleans is among the best locations to invest in real estate if you’re seeking a superb location in 2022. Likewise, Texas, Charlotte, and Detroit are great locations to purchase a rental property. But which places are the greatest right now for investing? Here are some of the best states for you to think about. Then, find out which cities will be popular in 2022 by reading on. Future real estate investment booms are anticipated in these cities due to their rapid growth.

If you want to invest somewhere with long-term growth and rising property values, think about New Orleans. Three hundred and ninety thousand people live there, roughly. Even more, people live in the New Orleans metro area, with a population of about 1.2 million. According to U.S. Census Bureau projections, the metro area’s population in July 2020 will be 1,272,258 people or about 95% of the city’s population in 2000.

Charlotte is an excellent place to consider if you are a real estate investor or are simply considering investing. The housing market is competitive and well-positioned for long-term growth. Although the city is expanding, there aren’t as many rental homes as there are potential buyers. As a result, landlords have a fantastic opportunity to charge higher rent. Additionally, prices will continue to climb as a result of the shortage.

If you intend to invest in real estate in the future, you should consider doing so in Detroit. Strong residential and commercial real estate markets are present there. Prices are comparable to those in other major cities. The cost of a median-priced property in the city is still cheaper than the national average, making rent in Detroit another comparatively affordable option. The housing affordability index is a great resource for buy-and-hold real estate investors deciding whether Detroit is a decent place to acquire property. Kiplinger publishes housing affordability index surveys that rate the main U.S. metropolitan areas’ affordability on a scale of one to ten.

When will Texas real estate market return to normal, the New York Times query in a recent article? One of Texas’s most popular marketplaces, Austin, was the essay’s subject. The median price of homes in the city has already dropped from its peak in Q3 2021, even though housing prices are predicted to rise by roughly 21% annually through 2022. People from coast to coast are drawn to Texas’ burgeoning real estate market.

Austin’s home market is still booming despite a low unemployment rate. Austin’s expansion is aided by low inventory levels and a competitive rental market. Large tech firms like Tesla are drawn to the city as well. As a result, Austin’s median home price climbed by 33% as of Q3 2020. The capital of the state and the eleventh-largest city in the nation, it has excellent chances for real estate investors.

Over the following three years, the Tampa real estate market is anticipated to expand. There are many renting options available in the city, including apartments. The Florida real estate market is booming and will likely keep growing in value over the next years. Investors can buy properties immediately, store them for a while, and then resell them if their value increases at a better price. Short-term vacationers or travelers may also rent out real estate in Tampa.

Albuquerque is a terrific option if you’re seeking a superb investment opportunity. Albuquerque’s real estate is reasonably priced, and the city’s economy is expanding quickly. The city’s gross revenue tax was 22.7 percent in 2021, expanding exponentially. Property managers might want to move to this city because it has extremely cheap property tax rates.


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